Skylark Sportive – “Tour climbs and so much more!”

Times: We have now uploaded all rider times for the event.

Organisers’ Report: Our reflections on the Skylark Sportive from our perspective as event organisers – Our Skylark

Thanks: Thank you to everyone who took part in the Skylark. You all deserve huge credit for coping with that wind.

Thanks too to the team of marshals and to the Marsden Golf Club for being such welcoming hosts. And to Audra Banks and her first aid team and Rick Crabtree for providing mechanical backup.

Videos: Our pre-event videos of the entire 100km route (speeded up to 400kph) and of the Holme Moss climb

About the Skylark Sportive: A brand-new event held on Sunday 13th April 2014, the Skylark is a hilly Sportive set in the South Pennines of West Yorkshire. The event features several key climbs from Stage 2 of the 2014 Tour de France’s visit to the region, plus a delightful range of quiet lanes. The landscapes are spectacular throughout.

Three Routes

Over the top - riders reflect just after cresting the Holme Moss climbThe Skylark Sportive included three route length options, 100km, 60km and 40km. The 100km option includes two of the most significant climbs of the 2014 Tour de France Stage 2 route through West Yorkshire.

Designed with the help of local riders, the 100km ride starts close to the small town of Marsden, just West of Huddersfield, then loops northwards to Cragg Vale, famously the longest uninterrupted climb in England and a major feature of the Tour’s 2014 visit to the area.

All three Skylark routes feature an out and back ride up the legendary Holme Moss, three miles of exposed, steep and challenging road that clings to the Eastern fringes of the high Pennines. Holme Moss will be another major feature of the Tour route. View Routes

A Rider’s Event

cragg-small-sqBut the Skylark Sportive is not just about the Tour climbs. With the help of local cyclists, we have chosen routes that also highlight the region’s amazing roads and outstanding landscapes. From ancient moorland roads, threading through tiny hamlets, to sweeping descents along South Pennine valleys, the Skylark is a rider’s event, full of interest throughout.

With all the nutritional support you’d expect on a modern sportive, plus a hot meal and drinks awaiting you back at event HQ, this is a testing event with over 2000m of climbing on the full 100km route, ideal for stretching your legs after the long winter. Two shorter Skylark Sportive route options, both still taking in the iconic Holme Moss climb, are also available. View Routes