Video: The Steepest Autumn Skylark Climb!

Our latest video highlights the climb of Marsden Lane, comfortably the steepest climb of the Autumn Skylark Sportive (28 Sept 2014). Although there are other small sections of steep climbing, on the whole, we’ve tried to make the Autumn Skylark climbing as manageable as possible in a standard 39 x 25 road set-up. But Marsden Lane cries out for a compact chainset at the very least. Happily, it’s less than 500m long!

Marsden Lane – 0.4km at 17%. Difficulty: climb-picclimb-picclimb-picclimb-picclimb-pic-bw
It may look like a pimple on the course profile, but this is a killer climb. Starting in the shadow of a railway embankment, it rises on a narrow strip of tarmac crushed between high stone walls, before wickedly steep right hairpin and a weird final ramp, half tarmac, half cobbles. The hairpin is as steep as 33% and almost unrideable unless you go really wide. Happily, it levels off rapidly at the top, before a gentler ascent takes you onto one of the route’s best sections of minor road, skirting round a mini side valley and offering lovely views and a sense of a rural world little changed in 50 years.
Where: 115km route @ 52km |The Routes


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