“I’ll take the high road”

Although for many riders, the Autumn Skylark will be all about the big Tour de France climbs, the event has much more to offer. We’ve designed it to keep almost exclusively to quiet roads. Many of these are quiet lanes (have a look at another recent video of some), well off the beaten track.

However, there are several stretches of A-Road that are also surprisingly quiet, especially on a Sunday morning in Autumn. One such stretch is the A635 Greenfield to Holmfirth road. We’ve already documented the monster “Isle of Skye” climb that greets you when you first roll onto this road. Beyond that lies a spectacularly open and isolated section of road that marks the start of the journey off the back of the Pennines and down into West Yorkshire.

This video shows you just how straight, exposed and direct this road is – almost from start to finish, it’s downhill and, given prevailing winds, down-wind too. See what you think. Wouldn’t you like to stretch your legs on this ribbon of tarmac?


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