New Video: Scout Road in extreme weather

We’ve been keen to show you the new stretch of road we’ve been able to add to the 100km Skylark Sportive route (12 April 2015) and finally lined up yesterday for a video shoot. Basically, it’s 4-5km of minor roads leading down from the high moorland above the Calder Valley, eventually placing riders at the foot of the giant Cragg Vale climb. It replaces a short, but busy run up the A646 and adds another altogether better piece of riding.

However, the weather was against us and we almost cancelled the shoot – but in a way, we’re glad we didn’t as the result is actually quite interesting , given the “epic” conditions. As with many of the Skylark’s roads, these are actually quite technical to ride, with cambered surfaces, a small stretch of cobbles, frequent tight bends, heavy gradients and the constant potential for farm mud and flood run-off gravel. Sounds worse than it is, but you wouldn’t ride the event if you weren’t up for a challenge. Anyway, here’s the video – let’s hope it’s dryer on the day!

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