Climbs Gets Extra Rating

We’ve added a more detailed rating to our list of the major climbs on the Skylark Sportive – the climbs page now includes a brief description of the climb, details of length and average grade, plus ratings out of five for length, steepness and technical difficulty.


All three are a subjective judgement, made “in the saddle” and based on our own personal experiences on the climbs. Steepness and length are fairly easy to judge, but we’ve also thrown in a “technical” rating, which brings into play the road surface, the variability of the weather and exposure to it. Holme Moss, for example, gets an extra ranking for the exposed nature of the last mile or so, where winds can come at you from all angles.

Overall, the main aim has been to give you more of a feel for what to expect as you cycle the Skylark Sportive!

See the full ratings on our Climbs Page.

There are also videos of the major climbs – the event is on 12 April, includes 3 routes (100, 75 & 50km) and entry is just £26


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