New For 2016 – Highlights of the New Route

We’ve updated the Skylark Sportive for 2016, with a new loop around the upper Calder Valley above the towns of Todmorden and Hebden Bridge. The moorland landscapes of this area are unique and inspiring, with some amazing roads giving the road cyclist access to some remote and atmospheric uplands. We popped out on a very wet day and have shot four new videos highlighting some of the key sections of this new loop.

Blackstone Edge – a fast, sweeping and hugely enjoyable descent from the Pennine Escarpment, giving access to the upper Calder Valley. The views and long sight-lines of this descent make it an exceptional experience on a bike:

Tower Causeway – a contrastingly narrow and twisting descent with a mild start, but with a major sting in the tail in the form of a series of tightening corners with very average road surfaces – one to treat with respect. Wonderful views again!

Shore New Road – a remarkable climb. Not exceptionally long, but narrow and with most of the steepest sections coming on the tight corners. A ridge section near the bottom is a highlight, with views on all sides.

Mytholm Steeps – we ride down one of the areas most famous climbs. Going down, it’s still a challenge with ever-changing gradient, sharp hairpins and a narrow, switch-back lower half. Again, this road needs handling with care.