Skylark Tips

CORNERING – TIPS & TECHNIQUES: We look at how to improve your cornering though a combination of good technique, skilled braking and smart line choices. And how good cornering can make you a quicker, safer rider.

cragg-sqTRAINING FOR A SPORTIVE – A PERSONAL VIEW:  Skylark Sportive co-organiser Phil Ingham shares his experience of preparing for his first long Sportive and outlines some of the things he did well and some of the things he could have done better!

FOOD AND DRINK – PLANNING FOR A SPORTIVE: We look at how much to eat and drink to keep you going through a sportive or any long ride.

HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR CLIMBING: There may not be a magic solution to improving your ascending, but there’s still plenty you can do to maximize your climbing abilities. We look at some of the most important ones!

FITTING MORE CYCLING INTO YOUR LIFE: One of the biggest barriers to successful cycling – whether it be racing, riding Sportives or just enjoying a ride with friends – is the time it takes to get and stay fit.

uppermill-rr-diggle-550WINTER CLOTHING TIPS: How to keep the cold at bay when cycling during the worst of the winter weather. How to protect your extremities and tips on what the key pieces of kit are.

SNOWRIDING IN SKYLARK COUNTRY: We’re not neglecting our own cycling and here’s a short video of a night mountain bike ride on the bridleways close to cragg Vale on a snow evening a couple of weeks ago:

TRAINING WITH BRITISH CYCLING: most of you will have started your serious training for the event. There are some useful tips and training articles on the British Cycling website: Sportive Tips – the “Insight Zone” in particular includes some good training advice.

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